We're All In This Together

Wow, what a weird time it's been. Hailing from the Pacific Northwest (currently the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak in America) I've been hunkered down at home for a couple of weeks now. What started out as something scary on the news is now directly impacting my community and people that I know personally. As a musician, there is nothing more discombobulating than to watch hordes of shows get cancelled and feel months of hard work unravel in just a few short weeks. But as humans we are resilient, and we persevere in spite of great obstacles. 

For now, I am staying positive, and using this time to update my website, get my new t-shirt and merch designs up so that they are available for purchase, upload some new music online, and put out as much new content as possible. With this in mind I am doing my part to help flatten the curve by staying home, and I hope you will join me from your couches Fridays at 7:00PM for a live-stream concert to lift your spirits and bring us all together.  

Although the business of being a musician has become, for now, a little more indoor oriented, I know that we are all together doing what we can for our communities, and we will come out the other side of this more resilient than ever.  

Much Love,