Join the Community!

With the pandemic still raging on and live shows still cancelled (for now), I've decided to get creative in finding new exciting ways to connect with you all to make the winter months (and all the months to come) a little more fun. I've decided to launch my very own Patreon community! If you aren't familiar with Patreon, its basically a subscription service that links you directly with artists you like. Patreon enables you to support my art directly, and in return I can provide you with exclusive behind-the-scenes content, sneak peaks of new projects and songs, as well as exclusive access to my monthly live streams and holiday live streams. 

And everyone who joins before December 1st will get a personalized, hand-written holiday card from yours-truly! 

My first holiday live stream will be Thanksgiving night at 7pm so head over to to sign up to become a patron and access a ton of amazing content. 

Happy Holidays and Lots of Love