We're making album #2

And we need your help to make it happen! 

The Story (So Far) 

In 2022, when the world was just coming out of a pandemic-induced fog, I released my debut album “Things I Tell My Therapist.” This album, written in relative isolation and recorded at a rogue backyard studio outside of Seattle, Washington with the help of some dear friends, received more support than I ever could have dreamed. Since it's release I have embarked on my first Southwest tour, played at some of Seattle's most iconic venues, and made so so many incredible friends. I have also been writing…a lot! 

So what now? 

I believe this new collection of songs is some of the best I've written in my life. Songs about wanderlust, love, heartbreak, and good old-fashioned rebellious angst. It is my goal to give these songs the treatment they truly deserve and record them at the belovedly rustic Bear Creek Studio in Woodinville, Washington. Bear Creek has put out some of my favorite Americana albums and is truly the pinacle of what the Pacific Northwest music community has to offer. With your help, I believe that we can make a record that will stand the test of time, and show the world that you don't need a fancy label or rich parents to make incredible music. 

The Goal

Our goal is to raise 20,000, which will cover production, recording, accompanists, and promotion. 

Recording at a studio like Bear Creek, which provides some of the best producers and engineers in the world, is expensive. My goal is to record 10 songs which will be released as singles over the course of 2025, ultimately resulting in a full-length album to be released at the end of 2025. This strategy will help me to reach a wider audience, and will ensure that you all have an entire year of music to look forward to! 

Although traditional crowd-funding campaigns involve fans pre-purchasing goods like cd's, posters, and other merchandise, I believe this would just distract from the real goal, making incredible music! So rather than setting donation tiers I'm just asking for one simple favor;

donate any amount you feel comfortable with to help me make my next record the best it can possibly be!

I will be updating this page regularly so that you can follow the progress of making the album (and maybe even get some sneak peaks of songs as they're being crafted!) 

Together I believe that we can show the world that there is something even more powerful than major label money…community!

News & Updates