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Everything is Free!  

This month I've decided I will be ending my journey with Patreon and moving all content over to the website so that it can be accessed for free by anyone who wants to hear my music, know what's going on in my neck of the woods, or wants to stay up to date on new projects I will be putting out. Check out the MUSIC section to see new songs, videos and demos. Updates will be posted right here on the blog, new merch will be released over in the STORE and new show announcements are, or course, under the SHOWS tab. To celebrate this decision I've made my newest video, a cover of Chris Stapleton's "Starting Over" available right here!

Stay tuned and thanks for your support!

Lots of Love, 


New Music Updates! 

About 7 years ago this guy responded to a craigslist ad (shit do ya'll remember those days?!) that I had posted looking for a guitar player for a gig. We chatted, it seemed like a good fit, he even had some friends who could play on the gig too. Perfect. I was very, very green, we played a couple shows, had some fun, and then, as happens in life, we all got busy doing different things and didn't have the chance to play together for many years. 

When the pandemic hit, and life slowed down a little I found myself chatting with him about the songs I had been writing and my desire to make a record. He mentioned, somewhat hesitantly, that he has been jumping into producing while live gigs were on hold. This conversation lead to many more discussions about what it would look like to make an album together, which lead to an intention, and then a plan. In January of this year we officially began pre-production, and last weekend we booked 3 days in the studio to begin laying down the rhythm tracks. 

While I was excited to get into the studio and to spend some time making music with my friends, I tried to keep my expectations realistic. After all, my budget was tight and our timeline even tighter. What none of us could have expected was that three days of absolute magic would follow where we would finish not just the rhythm foundations but also about 85% of a whole record. The unedited, unmixed tracks are beyond anything I ever could have imagined leaving last weekend with. I can now confidently say that we made some absolute magic, and I cannot wait to share the final product with the world. As things begin to reopen and I begin to get back into the groove of playing live shows, I cannot wait to share this amazing material with all of you, my music family.

Stay tuned for updates, sneak peeks, new music and more. Cause in 2021 we're making up for lost time. 

Much Love, 



Please enjoy this picture of me in the studio with my absolute dream team consisting of my producer Dylan Welsh, and my buddies Evan Robertson, Josh Richins, Ian Jones, and Zack Olson.

Re-Opening and Live Shows! 

As Washington State slowly begins the reopening process, I'm very excited to say that I've been working with some great local venues to put on some shows in April! My concert calendar is now updated, and I plan to continue working with responsible local venues to put on shows in a way that allows people to maintain social distancing guidelines while getting to enjoy some live local music! For my fans who are not yet comfortable attending shows in person, I will continue putting on private livestreams monthly for my Patrons! To enjoy these just head over to https://www.patreon.com/BrittanyCollins . I can't wait to get to share some of the new music I've been working on with all of you and I can't begin to express how much I appreciate your continued support of me and my music. 

See you at the show!

Lots of Love, 


I'm Making An Album! 

2020 was a long year, and although I'm sure you're all missing live music just as much as I am, I'm excited to say that the year was not a complete bust musically! That's because, while I was stuck at home, I was inspired to write

a lot

and the result has been that I am finally ready to put out my first official full-length album! I entered the studio January 1st to begin tracking demos and am planning on beginning to release tracks sometime this summer. The album, called "Home" is inspired by the people that shaped me, and inspired me, and the rugged mountainous landscape of the pacific northwest that I love so much. Right now you can hear the first demo  for my song "Two Worlds" by watching the lyric video I've created to celebrate the occasion.

I thank everyone who has joined me on this journey so far, and I can only hope that our little musical family will continue to grow. I will continue to update ya'll as the album develops and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support. 


Lots of Love, 



Join the Community! 

With the pandemic still raging on and live shows still cancelled (for now), I've decided to get creative in finding new exciting ways to connect with you all to make the winter months (and all the months to come) a little more fun. I've decided to launch my very own Patreon community! If you aren't familiar with Patreon, its basically a subscription service that links you directly with artists you like. Patreon enables you to support my art directly, and in return I can provide you with exclusive behind-the-scenes content, sneak peaks of new projects and songs, as well as exclusive access to my monthly live streams and holiday live streams. 

And everyone who joins before December 1st will get a personalized, hand-written holiday card from yours-truly! 

My first holiday live stream will be Thanksgiving night at 7pm so head over to https://www.patreon.com/BrittanyCollins to sign up to become a patron and access a ton of amazing content. 

Happy Holidays and Lots of Love


We're All In This Together 

Wow, what a weird time it's been. Hailing from the Pacific Northwest (currently the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak in America) I've been hunkered down at home for a couple of weeks now. What started out as something scary on the news is now directly impacting my community and people that I know personally. As a musician, there is nothing more discombobulating than to watch hordes of shows get cancelled and feel months of hard work unravel in just a few short weeks. But as humans we are resilient, and we persevere in spite of great obstacles. 

For now, I am staying positive, and using this time to update my website, get my new t-shirt and merch designs up so that they are available for purchase, upload some new music online, and put out as much new content as possible. With this in mind I am doing my part to help flatten the curve by staying home, and I hope you will join me from your couches Fridays at 7:00PM for a live-stream concert to lift your spirits and bring us all together.  

Although the business of being a musician has become, for now, a little more indoor oriented, I know that we are all together doing what we can for our communities, and we will come out the other side of this more resilient than ever.  

Much Love,  


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